Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lutradur Workshop

 Today I went to visit the ladies taking the Lutradur workshop, given by Laura Beehler.

 Lutradur is one of the most versatile products to hit the market! It is an exciting and serendipitous medium that can be used to create stencils, books, and 3-d items, add as embellishments, beads and so much more. It is a spun polyester fiber that fuses and can be dyed in the most interesting ways.  Its uses are only limited by your imagination!

Participants were experiencing how to manipulate Lutradur using many different techniques.  They were learning how to paint, cut, burn, stitch, fuse and transfer photos to this interesting material.

The workshop focused more on technique and process as opposed to being a more project oriented workshop. In the short time I was there we had already come up with new ways to manipulate the material. The possibilities are truly endless and I look forward to experimenting with it in the future!

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