Wednesday, June 1, 2011

University of North Texas Fibers Show @ The Panhandle House

The Fibers Department @ the University of North Texas has been busy!!! I attended their show a few weeks ago at the Panhandle House in Denton, Texas. What an array of emerging talent and a unique venue! Each piece had its very own unique aesthetic, but all were united in the carefully quality which is standard in the UNT Fibers program under their professor, Amie Adelman.

Geode, Laura Jinks

Fence, Jaqueline O'Connor

Fence, Detail

Emergence III, Jacqueline O'Connor

Emergence III (Detail)

Plum, Sarah Jones Netek

Distortion, Morgan Thomas

Plum, (Detail)

Hot House Horse, Lindsay Norwick

Standard, Diedrick Brackens

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, Amanda Kluck

Great to see such  great diversity and talent. Keep up the good work!

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