Friday, December 31, 2010

Curate This!

UNTs very own, from the Fashion Design faculty,
Li-Fen Anny Chang, received recognition of the top 15 artists, architects, and designers in the CURATE THIS! 2010 International Public Vote. The contest was organized by B E C A - Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art, Over 2,000 votes were cast from 19 countries. Beautiful Dresses!

"Red Hot Tamale" 2010

There are two books published after the contest; one is Curate This! 2010 International Public Vote, and "Red Hot Tamale" is published in this book.  
"Fembot" 2010

back view, "Fembot" 2010

The other is Curate This! 2010 New Art, which the artworks are selected by Helen Pheby, PhD, Curator of Yorkshire Sculputure Park. The creation named "Fembot" is in this book.

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