Friday, April 13, 2012

Laurel Gibson show @ the R Gallery

Who: Laurel Gibson

What:  Art opening “String Theory”

Where: R Gallery, 110 E. La Chapelle, San Antonio, Texas, 78204

Contact: Alex Rubio cell (210) 793-8899

When: May 12-26

Opening May 12, Saturday, 7pm – 10 pm music by Royal Punisher

Closing May 26, Saturday, 7pm-10pm

Why:   String theory is used to describe the structure and gravitational pull of the universe.  This relates to Ms. Gibson’s art work on two levels; one, designs are based off of Medieval Islamic tile designs, also called tiles of infinity and two, mathematics of geometry, algebra and trigonometry are used to create her artwork.  The embroidered designs and figures encourage the viewer to see how world is infinitely connected.

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