Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IQF call for entries

The International Quilt Festival
Handwork Showcase: Quilt, Knit, Stitch
Registration from April 22, 2013 to June 28, 2013
Festival Handwork Showcase: Quilt, Knit, Stitch
International Quilt Festival will showcase the art of handwork in a special exhibit, Festival Handwork Showcase: Quilt, Knit, Stitch . This exhibit will premiere at International Quilt Market and Festival, October 26 - November 3, 2013. We would also like to retain pieces for possible exhibit at our other International Quilt Festivals throughout 2014.
Exhibit will be composed of three different categories:

1) Knit work (e.g. knitting, crocheting)
2) Needlework (e.g. cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint)
3) Quilts made completely by hand or having knit work, needlework, or both incorporated in over 50% of the quilt top.
You may submit a total of two items per category for our consideration. Quilts must be a minimum of 25" x 25". Knitting and needlework pieces do not have size requirements. There is no "made after" date requirement. It is important to clearly explain any special requirements for displaying your piece on your entry form.
There is no overall theme for this exhibit. Items will be juried in based on creativity and technique.
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