Friday, April 5, 2013

Report on 2013 SDA conference

SDA At a Glance

April 3, 2013

* San Antonio Conference stats:

-Registrants are at 204 (with 9 students)

-FULL Brandeis, Bruning, Kelman, Grabowski, Abrams,
-ALMOST FULL Adams (4) and White (5)
- FEWER THAN 4 - True, Leary, James, von Busch,
Alexanders, Gilsdorf
- CANCELLED Janice Arnold cancelled her workshop
for family emergency reasons.

- If the class isn't going to make, we will inform all concerned by

-Pre-conference fiber tour has been expanded to a second coach can
handle up to 40. Currently, we have 29

-As of 3-29, we're at***95%*** of our room block with the Crowne

-Fundraising cocktail party with President Jane Dunnewold 25

-Portfolio reviews - 9

-Vendors and trunk show are nearing capacity.


- Special room rate of $109 at the Crowne Plaza will be
honored until 5/1/13.

-Additional fee will be charged for WIFI in guest rooms except for those
negotiated for staff and board.

-After 5/1/13, a late fee of $40 will be added to registration.

-Day passes will be available at conference registration desk

- $150 for members; $175 for non-members.

- Lucky us. California Fibers approved their Beyond the
Boundaries award for $250 to be granted at the members'

-Fashion show will be open to guests after 5/1/13
charge is $45.

-Full refunds on registration (less $30 admin fee) will be

granted until 4/15/13. No refunds after that date.

-SDA Auction is receiving a wide variety of interesting donations.

-Conference web pages are complete!!! Thanks to the dynamic duo team of
LM and Leesa. You make us look so good.

* Congratulations to Ellen Johnsen for securing a regular, full-time
job with USPS commencing on 4-8. Since SDA is her "favorite
part-time job," Ellen will continue working with us in a transition
capacity handling for the most part, the retrieval of mail from
the Sebastopol post office box as well as our merchandise fulfillment.
Following the conference, we will transition remaining duties and change
the mailing address.

* SDJ to the publisher! Marci and Dale have finished up the Spring
2013 edition and it's off to Sheridan for printing and distributing.
Karen Crisp, our still somewhat new advertising manager, had a major
role in this issue with an uptick of ads. Thanks everyone!

* Second direct mailing. Deborah Kruger and the
Marketing/Communica tions committee are sending a direct mail letter to
5000 subscribers of Quilting Arts. Letter should land in their mailboxes
next week just in time to plan for the conference. We hope.

* Nominating Committee consisting of Ann Graham, Susie Krage
and Deborah Levine has developed procedures for vetting potential board

* Awards and Grants - Naomi Adams reports -Personal Development Grant
funds to 2 members - Bonie Shupe ($1500) and Wendy Huhn ($500). Small
event grants will be announced in the next few days.

Diane N. Sandlin

Executive Director, Surface Design Association

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