Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion on Main

American by Design: The 1950s
Friday, January 28th – March 25th 2011
Photos by Joe Barentine

Description: Fashion on Main is the current exhibition facility of the Texas Fashion Collection and is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of fashion history and current cultural topics. Established in the fall of 2006, Fashion on Main is engaged in educational and scholarly activities in conjunction with each exhibition.
The Texas Fashion Collection is operated as a non-profit enterprise by the University of North Texas through the College of Visual Arts and Design (CoVAD) and housed on the UNT campus in Denton. Since 1972, UNT and CoVAD have preserved and expanded the collection, which now includes more than 15,000 historic fashions and accessories. Fashion on Main is the first stage of the planned UNT Design Research Center at the Universities Center at Dallas, which will provide greatly expanded educational and cultural resources for the people of North Texas and the burgeoning design and business communities of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Hours: Noon to 5PM, Thursdays and Fridays.

Address: 1901 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201

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