Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Meeting of Austin Fiber Artists

 Japanese Textiles 101: Antique to Modern Japanese Textiles were presented by artist and  collector, Carola Pfau.  Carola will be shared some of her collection and creations with us.  A quic blurb from her bio:

 "It wasn’t so much that my interest in textiles began then but that later I had some appreciation of what truly unusual things she (a teacher)had done with us. "

 At 21 I left Germany for Japan to study Japanese.  Having always been an avid fleamarketeer I found my way to the Tokyo and Kyoto flea/antique markets being held at temples and shrines.  At that time in 1980 few Japanese were interested in old kimonos and used old futon covers.

 Well, I fell into fleamarket heaven the most unbelievably gorgeous colours and textures for close to no money which was great because of course I didnt have much money as a student.  That is when I began learning about Japanese textile design and techniques. From these early beginnings I developed an appreciation also for other folk textiles which never left me and although I didnt begin working full time with textiles until about 15 years ago I always bought, collected and played with my found treasures...I finally decided to do what I loved, and since then have been dealing in antique textiles.

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