Sunday, March 6, 2011

FashionWare SXSW 2011

FashionWare SXSW
March 18,19 noon - 9
Both  A12, A13, A14

Technology, once the sole domain of a few, is now a part of everyday life. Fashion, is one of the final frontiers, and the scene is exploding.

FashionWare SXSW is an exhibition of visionary work by cutting-edge fashion designers who today are shaping the future of fashion. From "smart" fabrics to electronic-embedded outfits, these fashion pioneers are turning to technology to fashion a signature style. The results are extraordinary: a climate-aware dress that changes color outdoors; a flirty blue evening gown that reacts to the body's movement; a pair of cycling shoes that illuminates at night. 

The visionary ideas brought to life at FashionWare SXSW bring forth the emotional and soft side of technology without forgoing function.
Hi-tech clothing is no longer simply about performance: Technology is used to craft novel forms of self-expression and forge new experiences that connect people and ideas. 

Fashion today is a balancing act between high and low tech. In the past five years, the emerging field of wearable technology has matured from computers strapped awkwardly onto the body to fashionable garments that  seamlessly integrate technology with craft to create a new modern aesthetic. 

Come with us into the world of today's techno-ateliers and experience the re-imagining of the way we will dress in the years to come.

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